In a remarkably short span of just four decades, China has not only emerged as a global economic powerhouse but has also achieved the remarkable feat of lifting a substantial portion of its population out of abject or extreme poverty.

According to Dr. Hagan Sibiri, a Senior Research Fellow at the Africa-China Centre for Policy and Advisory, China is committed to sharing its experience in poverty alleviation with African countries, and this is evident through various initiatives and policy pronouncements.

He made this revelation while sharing insights on China’s poverty reduction success in a publication by the Africa-China Centre for Policy and Advisory.

Dr. Sibiri stated that one notable event to which China showed commitment was the 2004 Global Conference on Poverty Reduction in Shanghai, jointly organized by the World Bank and the Chinese Government. This conference served as a platform for development stakeholders from around the world to come together and engage in discussions, learn, and exchange development lessons and experiences. This move highlights China’s dedication to learning from others and actively sharing its own experiences with the international community.

He added that China also explicitly expressed its commitment to sharing its expertise with African countries in its second Africa Policy White Paper, published in 2015. In this policy document, China made specific promises to strengthen engagement with African nations, with a particular focus on experience sharing in poverty reduction. The policy also outlined China’s willingness to collaborate with Africa in expanding cooperation across various relevant areas, including human resources development, education, science and technology, industrialization, and industrial capacity cooperation.

He further emphasized the fact that by actively engaging in initiatives like the Global Conference on Poverty Reduction and articulating its commitments in official policy papers, China demonstrates its intent to support Africa’s poverty alleviation efforts through knowledge sharing and strategic collaboration.

Going forward, this commitment will play a crucial role in fostering a strong and beneficial partnership between China and African countries, enabling them to learn from each other’s successes and challenges and collectively address the issue of poverty more effectively.

He shared his final thoughts on the view that the success story of China serves as an inspiring example for other nations striving to combat poverty. By learning from China’s successes and challenges, African countries can meaningfully work towards effective poverty reduction. In doing so, they can shape a brighter future and make significant strides in improving the well-being of all Africans.


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