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The Africa-China Centre for Policy and Advisory is a Sino-African research and policy think tank and advisory firm headquartered in Accra, Ghana, with teams in Morocco, Tanzania, Tunisia, the DRC, China, the UK, Ethiopia, and Botswana.

The Centre is dedicated to providing unbiased policy and market research as well as distinct views on Africa-China relations.

We offer strategic guidance on key issues regarding China and Africa, covering multiple sectors and industries.









Our Focus Areas

Climate & Sustainability

ACCPA is examining Africa-China relations through the lens of climate and sustainability, identifying ways to promote sustainable cooperation.

Food Security & Agriculture

Understanding the dynamics of Africa-China relations in agriculture is essential for evaluating their impact on food production, distribution, and access in Africa.

Natural Resources Governance

Understanding China’s role in balancing between resource extraction and long-term sustainable development is crucial for sustainable resource utilization.

Youth, Governance & Education

ACCPA, as a think tank, places a strategic focus on the intersecting realms of youth, governance, and education within the context of Africa-China relations.

Technology & Innovation

Our work seeks to examine critical areas such as technology transfer, digital infrastructure development, and collaboration in research and development.

Energy & Health

Tracking, analysing and reporting on the transformative impact of investments in Africa’s energy and healthcare infrastructure.


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We seek to become the premier policy research think tank and advisory firm focusing on China and Africa, fostering the diversity of ideas through open, unbiased, and informed debate on Africa-China public policy issues.

Our Mission

Launched in 2022, the Centre is committed to supporting partners and clients globally by promoting and providing unparalleled policy research, and evidence-based analysis, and fostering positive collaborations between Africa and China.


Our advisory division provides practical ideas, insights and support on Africa-China relations in the areas of trade, investment, public policy, business intelligence, financial feasibility, market research, economic development, ESG, etc.

Key Areas

  • Infrastructure

  • Climate Change and Sustainability

  • Technology

  • Trade

  • Foreign Direct Investments

  • Public Policy

  • Education

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