Relevance of FOCAC in the context of ‘Africa+1’ Summitry.

FOCAC continues to serve its purpose as a platform for collective discourse on cooperation between Africa and China-Paul Frimpong, ACCPA Executive Director

Understanding FOCAC: A Comprehensive Overview and Key Insights

As the 9th FOCAC meeting approaches in some few months, the forum’s continued evolution and adaptability will be crucial in addressing emerging challenges and ensuring its ongoing relevance and effectiveness in strengthening the partnership between China and Africa.

African Agency and Strategies for Effective Engagement with China

African agency in the context of Sino-Africa relations refers to the proactive stance taken by African nations and organizations to assert their interests and shape the dynamics of their engagement with China.

The Year of African Elections and Why China Should Not Lose Sight

Few, if any, in China would worry about an African election and its potential implications for China. However, given the lessons from France’s predicaments and the rising manifestations of anti-Chinese sentiments across Africa, the outcomes of African elections should interest Chinese policymakers in terms of how they may shape China’s relations with Africa moving forward.

Africa-China relations are often shrouded in myths – Sanne van der Lugt.

In a recent webinar organized by the Africa-China Centre for Policy & Advisory (ACCPA) on Africa’s Agency in Sino-Africa Relations, Sanne Ver Der Lugt, a research fellow at the Leiden Asia Centre, delivered a presentation that challenged some prevailing myths surrounding Africa– China relations.

The AfCFTA & Its Potential Implications for Africa-China Trade

Already, China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) aligns with some of the infrastructure goals of AfCFTA, further enhancing cooperation in the fulfilment of the trade agreement.

Luke Richard M. Dixon joins the ACCPA as a Research Fellow.

Luke Dixon joins the Africa-China Centre for Policy & Advisory as a Research Fellow in the UK.

He has recently authored two academic journal articles: “Chinese Investment and African Urbanization: A Comparative Study of Democratic and Non-Democratic ECOWAS States” and “The Impact of Chinese Special Economic Zones on Manufacturing and Employment in West Africa.”.

The Dar es Salaam Consensus: African and Chinese Think Tanks on Deepening Global Development Cooperation

Consensus Among African and Chinese Think Tanks on Deepening Global Development Cooperation
(The Africa-China Dar es Salaam Consensus)

Africa must learn from China’s People-Centered Philosophy of Development– Prof. David Norris, Advisory Panel Member, ACCPA.

Professor David Norris, Advisory Panel Member of the Africa-China Centre for Policy and Advisory (ACCPA) and the Vice Chancellor of the University of Botswana, has made a clarion call on African governments and policymakers to draw inspiration from China’s philosophy of development, which is people-centered.

Africans must lead the debate on Africa-China relations – Paul Frimpong, ACCPA’s Executive Director.

According to the Executive Director of the Africa-China Centre for Policy and Advisory (ACCPA), Paul Frimpong, African agency must be on the rise as a matter of urgency to drive the debate and knowledge production when it comes to Sino-African relations.