China’s Modernization: Catalyzing Sustainable Growth in Developing Countries.

China’s modernization initiative has been successful in transforming its economy and infrastructure. The Belt and Road Initiative has provided opportunities for many developing countries, including African countries, to benefit from China’s pursuit of modernization.

Chinese Foreign Minister Visits Africa: What to Know.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s recent visit to Africa, amidst the upcoming 9th Forum on China-Africa Cooperation and the 11th Belt and Road Initiative conference, is pivotal for Sino-Africa relations.

ACCPA delivers a lecture on Sino-African relations at the Presbyterian University, Ghana.

Paul Frimpong, the ACCPA’s Executive Director, gave the lecture with the overarching theme Leading at the Edge of Chaos: How and Why China Became Africa’s Preferred Partner

Unraveling the Truth: Dispelling Key Myths About Africa-China Relations.

Africa-China relations are characterized by both opportunities and challenges, and a better understanding is necessary for informed decision-making and constructive engagement.

Understanding China’s Global Vision through the Four Global Initiatives (4GI’s).

Xi Jinping wants to build a global community with a shared future through four global initiatives (4GI’s). What is it about, and what does it entail from China’s perspective?

Towards a Lush Legacy: The “Green” Shift of the Belt and Road Initiative.

Questions abound, yet one thing is certain: the world is watching, hopeful yet cautious, eager to see if the BRI will indeed pave the way towards a verdant, sustainable legacy.

ACCPA Hosts a Bilateral Meeting with the China-Africa Institute in Accra.

ACCPA and CAI have expressed their commitment and agreed to collaborate on projects, including but not limited to the issuing of policy papers and briefs, etc.

Africa must build solid foundations for policies for local and global adherence – Prof. David Norris.

Africa must build solid foundations for policies for local and global adherence – Prof. David Norris

Africa must be innovative in resource utilization – Dr. Cliff Mboya.

For African nations to reduce their over-dependence on the Chinese BRI in mitigating potential debt repayment challenges, we need to be innovative in terms of our resource utilization.

Who’s Helping Africa’s Development Ascent? A Spotlight on China’s Belt and Road Initiative

This BRI has rekindled a focus and broadened the vistas of cooperation, enveloping infrastructure development, economic coalitions, and a shared aspiration for a synergistic rapport.