Professor David Norris, Vice Chancellor of the University of Botswana and an Advisory Panel Member of the Africa-China Centre for Policy & Advisory (ACCPA), has urged African countries to lay solid foundations for establishing and implementing policies that will not only benefit the continent but also encourage global adherence in a ground-breaking move toward environmental sustainability.

The Africa-China Centre for Policy & Advisory hosted this year’s BRI Dialogue with the overarching theme of “China’s BRI and Africa’s Green Development Agenda,” which featured Prof. David Norris as a keynote speaker.

He stressed the crucial role of well-defined frameworks in ensuring the success of environmental policies during the BRI dialogue.

Prof. Norris emphasized that the success of any development initiative hinges on the clarity, enforcement, and adaptability of policies. This initiative involves collaboration between governments, educational institutions, and environmental organizations to conduct comprehensive analyses of issues. He added.

According to him, “policies are not just well-intentioned but are also informed by rigorous analysis and supported by empirical evidence, which is the key to achieving true adherence and creating a sustainable future for Africa and the world.”

In conclusion, Dr. Norris urged African nations to continue their pursuit of policies grounded in empirical evidence, as this will not only strengthen the continent’s resolve for sustainability but will also beckon other nations to follow suit in creating a more resilient and environmentally conscious world.

Source: ACCPA,

Written by: Mercy Tedeku, Research Associate, ACCPA

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