Kai Xue, a Banking, Finance, and Outbound M&A Lawyer with DeHeng Law Offices based in Beijing has said that Africa’s trade relationship with China cannot be considered overly reliant because the risks associated with such a dependency are the outgrowth of strained geopolitical ties as we have seen with the recent US-China trade conflict.

He made this known during a Sino-African voices interaction with the Africa China Centre for Policy and Advisory.

The Africa-China Centre for Policy and Advisory is a Sino-African research and policy think tank and advisory firm headquartered in Accra, Ghana.

The Sino-African Voices is a series of Q&A on broader issues regarding Africa-China economic, social, and political cooperation.

Kai Xue stated that the US has cut off the Chinese economy from advanced semiconductors, while China has retaliated against weapons sales to Taiwan by imposing trade restrictions on two US arms makers.

He further added that the trade relationship between Africa and China does not bear any resemblance to the geopolitical clash between China and the US and no over-reliance risks are attached in the geopolitical sense.

Source: www.africachinacentre.org

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