The Africa-China Centre for Policy & Advisory (ACCPA)- a Sino-African research and policy think tank and advisory firm headquartered in Ghana, has issued a letter endorsing China’s Global Security Initiative.

The Global Security Initiative (GSI) is an initiative proposed by China, first announced by President Xi Jinping on April 21, 2022.

The official mission statement for the initiative says that its goals are to “uphold the principle of indivisible security, develop a balanced, effective, and sustainable security architecture, and oppose building national security on the basis of insecurity in other nations.”

In a statement released by the ACCPA and signed by its Executive Director, the Centre strongly believes that the GSI is a needed policy intervention looking at the levels of instability facing our world today.

“Our world is anything but peaceful: major country competition is heating up, geopolitical conflicts are getting worse, changes not seen in a century are happening quickly, the global security governance system is woefully behind, and new traditional and unconventional security threats are constantly emerging.”

Again, according to the ACCPA, the time for the world to work together is now or never, judging from the global risks.

“As a research and policy think tank, we sincerely trust that the time for the world to stick together is more imminent than at any time in the history of mankind.”

The Centre has endorsed China’s GSI and calls on all meaningful institutions in Africa, both public and private, to rally behind this initiative in order to help create the Africa and the world we all want.

“The GSI is set up on principles to promote a new approach to security that emphasizes cooperation over alliance and communication over conflict.”

“It defends the ideal of common, comprehensive, cooperative, and sustainable security.”


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