The Africa-China Centre for Policy & Advisory (ACCPA) has announced the appointment of Professor Houda Hazami as a member of its Advisory Panel.

The Sino-Africa-focused Think Tank and Advisory firm aims to bring together distinguished professionals and China-Africa experts to provide oversight and strategic guidance.

According to the ACCPA, the “Advisory Panel is ultimately responsible for building and safeguarding the ACCPA’s reputation, image, and brand. The Advisory Panel ensures that these are protected and improved for the benefit of existing and future partners and all other stakeholders”.

Professor Houda Hazami is a lawyer, lecturer, and Sino-Africa expert from Tunisia with over 20 years of accumulated working experience, spanning from practicing as a lawyer to teaching at the university.

Between 1996 and 1998, Houda completed specialized seminars and an internship with Bouraoui et Co., which was the representative of the ”Arthur Andersen” group in Tunisia.

Professor Houda was trained in International Law in the International Training Program for Arab Lawyers organized by the Law Society of England and Wales in partnership with the Union of Arab Lawyers and the National Order of Lawyers of Tunis.

In August 2019, Houda was appointed ambassador for sustainable development by the International Institute for Sustainable Development. She currently practices as a consultant in diplomatic affairs and international cooperation at the Afro-Asian Union for International Law and Dispute Resolution.

Due to her commitment to shaping the development journey of Tunisia, in June 2022, she was appointed as a member of the Consultative Committee for Economic and Social Affairs within the National Consultative Commission by the office of the President of the Republic of Tunisia.


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