On the sidelines of the BRI public forum hosted in Accra at the Tang Palace Hotel, ACCPA held a bilateral meeting with the team from the China-Africa Institute in Beijing, China.

Led by the Executive Director, Paul Frimpong, ACCPA, we shared our broader vision of building Africa’s leading think tank dedicated to providing unbiased policy and market research as well as distinct views on Africa-China relations.

IMAGE: ACCPA’s Executive Director, Paul Frimpong, presenting the vision of ACCPA to the team from the China-Africa Institute based in Beijing, China, during the bilateral meeting in Accra.

The China-Africa Institute is a national and international intellectual hub for African studies based in Beijing that is committed to convening academics, think tanks, and relevant research resources, deepening mutual understanding, and strengthening the exchange of China-Africa governance experiences.

The two organizations expressed their commitment and agreed to collaborate on projects, including but not limited to the issuing of policy papers and briefs, while creating platforms for positive dialogue to drive engagement between Africa and China.

Source: ACCPA, www.africachinacentre.org

Written by: Mercy Tedeku, Research Associate, ACCPA

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