Webinar: China lifts COVID-19 restrictions: Why does it matter?

China had declared that beginning of January 8, 2023, it will downgrade its management of COVID-19 because of virus mutation, the spread of vaccination, and the accumulation of experience in prevention and control.

The country implemented a very comprehensive preventive and control measures called the ‘Dynamic Zero COVID policy.’ Now, most of the restrictions have been lifted. Most significant amongst them is now the opening of international flights to and from China. Exciting development as the entire world waited to see this day.

In this Africa-China 2.0 webinar, we spoke with Jinkang WU, an advisory panel member of the Africa-China Centre for Policy & Advisory based in Beijing to understand the following issues:

  • What were the Dynamic Zero-COVID policy of China?
  • Did the policy achieved its intended objectives?
  • Why has China now lifted restrictions?
  • Why does the lift matter to the global economy?
  • How does this affect Africa-China trade relations?