Dr. Stacey Links

Assistant Professor, Leiden University
Africa-Asia Programme Coordinator, IIAS

Dr. Stacey Links is a South African national and Assistant Professor at Leiden University, The Netherlands where she teaches China-Africa Relations in a Changing Global Order at the graduate level.

She also holds the position of Africa-Asia Coordinator at the International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS).

Links has worked in the China-Africa space for over a decade and continues to focus her research on foreign policy, geopolitics, and African agency therein. Specifically, Links has focused on an array of areas spanning human rights (right to development), African agency, critical minerals, as well as responsible value chains in China-Africa engagement.

She has worked across the fields of international relations, international development, human rights, philanthropy, and academia.

She also continues to regularly advise parliaments and governments on a variety of related issues and is keenly interested in increasing South-South engagement and knowledge production capacities.