Dr. Nancy A. Lohalo

Senior Research Fellow, DRC

Dr. Nancy A. Lohalo spent over a decade in Beijing (China), where she completed her Ph.D. in International Trade (Economics) at the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE), with other accolades for excellence in academia.

She is an economist, consultant, and Associate Professor at the “Institut Supérieur Pédagogique de la Gombe (ISP-Gombe)” in Kinshasa (DR Congo).

Prior to her return to Congo (DRC), she was a research analyst for an African-led international consulting firm. She primarily assessed China-Africa strategic partnerships, highlighting the necessity for African countries to truly understand their development needs and effectively join forces to achieve sustainability. Her research findings appeared in international newspapers and magazines, namely “Financial Times” and “The Economist”.

Dr. Nancy A. Lohalo’s ability to speak fluent Mandarin Chinese led her to work as a consultant for a Chinese state-owned company regarding investments in Congo’s telecommunications sector under the Belt and Road initiative. She provided a “Congolese lens” to determine the project’s feasibility in the country and its potential position in the market.

Her areas of research expertise lie at the intersection of international economics and the digital economy, with particular attention on women’s economic empowerment and international development.