Expressing Agreement and Disagreement in English

Agreeing and disagreeing is a common part of conversations and discussions. Expressing your opinion is important, but it is equally important to do so in a polite manner. Here are some ways to express agreement and disagreement in English:


1. I agree.

This is a simple and straightforward way of agreeing with someone. It is a direct response that clearly states your support for their opinion or idea.

2. That’s a good point.

When you hear a point that you agree with, you can acknowledge it by saying that it is a good point. This is a polite way of showing agreement without repeating the same thing as the other person.

3. I see what you mean.

This phrase means that you understand and agree with the other person’s point of view. It is a way of showing empathy and respect.

4. Absolutely/Definitely.

These words are stronger forms of agreement that show enthusiasm for the other person’s idea or opinion. They are appropriate for situations where you feel strongly about something.


1. I’m not sure I agree.

This is a polite way of disagreeing with someone. It acknowledges their opinion or idea but also expresses your disagreement.

2. I’m sorry, but I have to disagree.

This phrase is a bit more direct than the first one, but still polite. It expresses your disagreement while still showing respect for the other person.

3. That’s an interesting point, but…

Starting a sentence with this phrase allows you to acknowledge the other person’s opinion while also introducing your own. It is a way of disagreeing without being confrontational.

4. I’m afraid I have a different opinion.

This phrase is more formal than the others and is appropriate for situations where you need to express disagreement in a professional setting. It is a way of stating your disagreement without being rude.

It is important to remember that expressing disagreement does not mean being disrespectful. It is possible to disagree while still showing respect for the other person’s opinion. Using the phrases above will help you do so in a clear and polite manner.